Econs test on Friday was hell! I didn't manage to study, so i went to college without any knowledge of Microecons to the exam hall, except for my Microecon's knowledge from Form 6, which is in Malay. I think i did so-so. Not close to average. Then later on at night, went out to Pyramid with Venna and Wern Sern. Had dinner and had a very long chat about life, girls, guys, EXes and etc.
After dinner we went to Republic to chill, met Jing Xuan there. Gosh! She's looking real hot now. Then i drank a lil bit of wine then i got tipsy de. :S
After Chew, Ah Long & Josh came, we went to Starbucks...
The boyfriend was pretty dissapointed coz he skipped class to go home to webcam with me, but i was with his friends. Hmm...

Anyway, the next day went to Time Square for Starbucks training and i was super late, the lift was slow, so i ran up from 1st floor to 10th floor. I nearly die halfway.
Then i realised my wallet only left RM10. I remembered i still have RM30 last night when i paid for my wine. After half an hour i only recalled, we all went to Starbucks for a drink. Lolx..

I have a goal that i wanna achieve by end of this month, I wanna learn how to balance my work and studies by end of this month.

I have been so busy lately, i haven't been spending enough time accompanying Wankit. Feeling damn guilty every single day whenever he hangs up the phone. My heart breaks.. So i will try to balance my time with him with my this month's goal too..

New Blogskin!

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reshma reshu said...

huh talk so much in college oso still not enough time spent with wan kit ah?? hahaha =) oh ya wan kit dont worry mel is safe with my and christine frm the laos guy..hahaha =)

Karthini said...

I know exactly how it feels without any knowledge on what that particular sub that you;re being tested on. Its sooooooooooooooo shitty! Haih..scary la but it just happens over and over again. Hope you do better next time though..and make time for Wankit la..poor ditched class for you! So sweet...

Melanie said...

Thini: i know he's sweet. haih.. i'm gonna but extra effort to score well. we'll both do it k?

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