So fast, it's already 3rd week of college. Been practically everyday with these bunch of people. I can imagine life in college without them, it would be... BORED! Group projects and discussion is always within us. Lolx..

Talking about assignments, i feel so stressed. All the due date of assignments is reaching soon and quizes and mis term! I guess i'm having the earliest mid term ever! 12th Sept! Now i really miss Form 6's life. If i got a chance to go back to Form 6, i wouldn't complain.

I really miss home. I haven't been sleeping enough lately. Been busy trying to understand Intro to Mass Com and busy travelling around from college to home and home to college. I miss the comfort of my bed. I miss the high speed internet connection. I miss popo, mummy and jojo. I miss all the free stuff at home, unlike here. And i've been losing alot of hair lately. Mummy said i'm too stressed and tensed but i don't feel so. Besides i'm using Pantene's Hair Fall Control!! Haha.. Stupid Pantene, con my money! I need to do something to my hair, maybe i should buy some banana. Haven't been eating enough fruits lately. Suprisingly i have been shitting smoothly! I guess it's the work of the Nescafe Gold. :]

About my part-time job, i kinda kena con again. Haih... Earn kinda lil but only work 3 days per week, 4 hours per day. Kinda easy for my college hours, more time for me to focus on my studies too. But earn quite lil lo. Should i continue working or not? That place is so chinese oriented and it's very dark and dimed, i think i need to wear specs to work. Can't see properly..

Reshma must always match her earings with her outfit.

Sandra, Chan, Christine, Ash(behind Christine) Pat, Resh, Me & Melissa

Sandra and i

Chan and i.
He was the first person i talk to on the first day i step into this college.
He's a very responsible and nice guy too.
He's immuned with our girls talk coz he's like the only boy among us.

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Luc said...

darimi and luc is the same. Luc is my name, the name that I choose and gave by someone I dear. Darimi is not an ordinary name for any ordinary people. No offense but thats the way it is.

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