And It's You

Happy 200th Days together, Lou Kong!
165 more days to 1 year. Lolx.. What the hell?! Now like Feli de. Lolx..

To me, you should know, the days doesn't matter that much, it's my time being with you that matters. Our progress of our relationship, our love and affection towards each other, that's important to me. But so far, you had shown your love to me unconditionally and you've been very respectful to me no matter near or far. I really love being in your life and i love you being in my life too. You definitely changed my life alot. And i really thank God for sending you to me. It's a blessing. You never make me feel i have to be someone else when i'm with you, and i'm very sure you are yourself when you're with me too. I feel there is nothing to hide from you, i feel naked when i'm with you, i feel extremly comfortable when i'm with you, i feel loved and in love when i'm with you.. I just feel everything that i can possiblily feel when i'm with you. You're my everything.

I hope we'll both stay strong to go through these tough times when we're away from each other.
I love you.

He wrote chinese for me after his chinese classes..
So proud of him.
Even i also don't know how to write.

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sayang said...

hahahah. someone used to say me larr i blog about my anniversarry... apa pulak macam feli. now u know how it feels to be glad ur with that someone and that uve emet that someone special in your life you'd never regret meeting :) u'll eventually blog about it!! hahahha

happy 200th days together la. LOL

Melanie said...

Thanks Feli! :]

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