Life Is Short


There had been lots of bad things happening around me, directly and indirectly.It's just so scary that's it's non-stop. Cases after cases, death after death. What worries me most now is my aunt, she was found in a hospital. So girls, please be attached and get hitch. If you don't, make sure you're alway connected to your friends and family. The most recent bad stuff that happened around me is this 16 years old girl, a sister of my mum's friend, had been kidnapped and murdered in Johor. Gosh.. Can read the details from here.

Anyway, life is short. Appreciate what you've got, especially your family and friends. Most importantly, take good care of yourself. Always be alert..

Life is short, does it mean i should go and be with Wankit now? Yes! But i guess not. If God wanna take me away now, it's meant to be. But if God wanna take him away from me, it's unfair!

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Karthini said...

Omg! That girl that was kidnapped and murdered was related to your mum's friend?? Geez..what is the world coming to?? Its so freaking scary. Last week, at a housing estate nearby my plc, a lady got slashed by indonesian men. Her two daughters ( Who are around our age) jumped from the upstairs room to escape and got hurt. shit scared to even go out you know..

What happened to your aunt anyway? She okay? I thought she lived above you?

ray88shell said...

another death? first is the guy from my uni, now this. what's happening to msia? gosh~ may God bless her soul, that poor girl.

Melanie said...

racH trust me, it's not the first death since august

jacqueline said...

huh.... your mum knows her??? i heard it from my mum too.... felt sorry for her... we must be extra careful...

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