Breaking Point


It's 12.27am, slept less than 4 hours for the past 1 day, sat an exam, mugged like mad, worked for 7 hours after exam, had only RM3.30 of sandwich for dinner, have cuts on my finger and it's shivering, missing home, missing my family, missing Wankit and Mummy the most, feeling vulnerable, tears in my eyes, wearing Wankit's jacket hoping to feel his hug, wondering why is my dad so heartless, wondering why am i doing here, wondering what am i working so hard, wondering should i give up whatever i have here including my degree and be with Wankit, wondering why am i so not smart, wondering why i can't enjoy my life in college life and study with no worries, wondering is this life..

I guess it's because, i have to.

I am officially dead from now on till 12 hours later. I won't answer any calls. Please don't disturb me.

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Anonymous said...

hey i know u miss ur mum and wan kit..wan kit is always gonna be there for u so as ur mum but they have given u this chance is to make u grow and experience life urself..but dont u think coming here has made u a different person?? dont u think coming here has made u a more matured person?? dont u think coming here has made u look at things in a different perspective and getting to know more amazing frends?? n dont say u are not smart.. i think u are a great person and u have amazing ideas and thoughts...take ur job as a fun experience..dont stress about it but enjoy...enjoy uni life like there is no tomolo..enjoy ur friends company and tell them ur feelings and im sure they will be caring enough to help...dont cry dont cry..crying will make u weaker and instead of asking urself y am i doing this and y am doing that, tell urself i can do it and i wanna be different and make a difference..i wanna prove mummy that i can survive and yet do well with exams..always be open and ask help from friends..have faith in them..u tc ya..dont worry..
- a friend -

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