Desperately In Sleep

Exam was fine. Thank God, i studied! Or else i don't even know what the hell they are talking about. Had very little sleep last night. Woke up extremely early for revision and eat luncheon meat sandwich, since my group assignment is gotta do with it, SPAM!!, is our company's name.

Came back with Wankit's parcel for me.. And these are the stuff he sent me. I know he's a great great boyfriend, hubby, baby or anything sweet to describe him.

The vibrating toothbrush! We have the same pair.. :D
And the blue toothpaste we used together when he was back for summer..
I miss my lou kong.
Probably i'll just quit college and start my life with him.

I know i look damn freaking pale.
I am damn tired and sleepy.
Less than 4 hours of sleep je.
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Fucking tired and sleepy but i have to fix my Streamyx first. So fix the wire and line, 4.30pm de. Slept for 15 minutes, manager called to come and work early. :S
So i freaking worked from 5.30pm till 12am. I fucking need some sleep. Luckily i've got free drinks, JAVA CHIPS FRAP!!

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