My Southern Comfort

Last weekend was the best weekend ever! First thing is, i don't have to work. Second thing is, met up with my southern comfort, girlfriends from the south, whom i love alot, plus my deary cousin! We hang out the whole day at The Curve. :] I miss those days.. I had fun with them, sit around and just talk.

Unfortunately, they wanna go do something wild after that, so i didn't wanna follow. I called Shan Yong to pick me up, but Wern Sern volunteered himself with Ah Long to pick me up, by asking is Venna there or not. Hehe.. Inside joke.
Anyway, really wanna thank Ah Long and Wern Sern for picking us up. Owe you guys..

Sunday was the best. I just stay at home the whole day, chat and web cam with Wankit and sleep the whole day. It was heaven! I love weekends when i can have the most of Wankit. I miss him so much.

Today first time taking public transport from home to college!! So proud of myself. Met Joshua in KJ Station. Such coincedence.

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I will come out with better post when i'm a lil free in life. So hectic now!! Econs quiz this coming Friday. Labels: , , ,

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