Room Tour

Haven't really introduce the parts of my room.

My housemate is a malay girl. Only a year older than me but she's working de. She's nice and all. Everything here at my place is nice. Got swimming pool, gym, badminton court, NZX and home cook food from my aunt's house. She just live above my house. Just 1 level above. Haha...

My wardrobe from ikea..
The white short drawers are from Spore, some $4 shop for my undies, socks and bras
The black boxes, the bottom is for my bags, the top for my stocks like plastics, cottons & etc..

Behind the door is where i keep my shoes.

My bed. Not as comfy as the one at home tho. Luckily got my bolster to make me feel like home. The bed sheet kinda sucky, but it's the cheapest and the nicest.
The back of the door.
Where i hang my towel and worn clothes.
Door knob for me to hang my hand washed laundry.

From left: Softerner to soften all my handwashed laundry,
Basket for my shampoos, body wash, cleanser, tooth brush, shaver or anything that's gotta do with toilet is in there.
Stool. On stool got vitamins, and mug. Undr stool, LARGE bottle for me to store my drinking water.
Junk food bag. Inside got 2 bottles of honey, mammi monster, nescafe gold and other junks.
Black laudry for landry to be washed at my aunt's place.

And i just got a job at NZX. Wednesday will start working at Station 1. But it's night shift. Scared but i got to work. It's not like my mum can't afford to pay my rent and expenses, just that i don't wanna burden her.

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