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Been extremly busy, tired and occupied lately. Seems like there is no rest for me. Luckily i still have time for my boyfriend. But i guess Melanie is falling. She is falling ill. Funny thing is, she thought Vitamin C can make her stronger and prevent her from falling ill. Work has been ok. Just that, i suck at money and maths, that's why she had been facing problem with counting money at work. Sucks!

Was super late yesterday to Mid Valley to see Wern Sern receive his reward. Walked about for hours for dinner and i freaking left my mobile in my ex-boyfriend's car with lots of interesting messages of my boyfriend and i.

I miss doing nothing the whole day at home and doing something that i like for that whole day with my boyfriend. I miss being jobless and studyless. I miss just me and my boyfriend only. I just miss life with him.. Now i'm just living my life, without him.

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Anonymous said...

dont live ur life without me:S...

Melanie said...

but u're in states wor.. how to live with u? but u're in my heart. don't worry.

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