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Look what i found at my old blog at Picasa Web Album! My Form 6 picture. OMG! So unattractive. :]

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I am now using Picasa Album. I so love Picasa! Coz i'm using Mobile Dail Up now and connection is really sucky and it's hard to upload pictures. With Picasa, it's super fast and easy! :] Picasa is for keep!

Anyway, been extremly unproductive today, so as Christine. Classmates, who's with me besides Christine?
I studied a lil today but it seems like there is lots of distraction. Do laundry, slept  a lil coz got headache and mummy! I guess i need a timetable..

Christine told me there is something wrong with my blog. Seems like those people who visits with XP is having problem with my blog. Those who uses Vista have no problem with it. So weird. Anyway, hope Kid Yie can help me make one layout coz my photoshop got a lil bit problem. 

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